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Book Group

What is it?

The Book Group is a monthly group where people with sight loss can get together to enjoy and discuss chosen books.  

We receive books from the Living Paintings Trust who are a charity that create and loan out Touch to See books.


These books include raised tactile pictures accompanied by atmospheric, educational and entertaining audio guides. The audio guide, which are often narrated by famous people, help fingers explore the tactile images, tell the story of the pictures and describe their features. In this way the senses of touching and hearing combine to make up for the missing sense of sight.  

Refreshments will be available. 

Who can join the group?

Any adult living with sight loss.

Is there a charge?


There is a £1.50 charge.  

How do I join the group?

Contact the Halifax Society for the Blind office on 01422 352383, or send an email to and one of the staff team will give you further information. 

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