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"I wish to thank everyone at HSB for the help with everything. I am particularly grateful to HSB for lending me Linda, my volunteer. Linda has shown me some amazing things I can do with technology. I cannot thank you all enough." - Patsy C.

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"The volunteers are patient and considerate and go out of their way to make sure i am ok." - Patricia L.

"The volunteers at HSB are amazing. They help me in so many ways. Without the volunteers i wouldn't be able to attend the groups and activities. Ive met so many nice people through HSB and without the amzing volunteers that wouldn't of been possible." - Amy F.

"Linda is amazing, we know as a family that once a week my dad is getting visited. Linda takes him out too which is great for him and he always feels better when she has been or taken him out." - Kelly P

"I would like to thank Sue and Jim for all their hard work and effort that they put into the walking group. They spend time planning and researching the walks to make sure we have a great time and that all the walks are accessible. They go out of their way to offer transport and drive members to the walks. Without them these great walks would not be accessible for me and i really appreciate their kindness and hard work. I would also like to thank Chris for helping on the walks. He drives members to the venues which means more people can enjoy the walks." - Barbara S.

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